With Dr. Xu-Wen Li, directly arising from our CNRS-NSFC project, and dedicated to Prof. Yue-Wei Guo.

Oscar, Quentin and Bastien participent à cette journée.

Bastien attends the “Journées Scientifiques de Chemobiologie” on 19-21 November 2018. #ChemBioLille2018

Oscar et Quentin ont participé à la journée de l’ED Interfaces. Oscar y a présenté un poster intitulé “A Journey into the Total Synthesis of Polycylics Cytochalasines“.  

We are looking for talented Chinese PhD candidates to apply for a CSC/ParisTech PhD fellowship in our group at Ecole Polytechnique. The PhD candidate will work on

Quentin Ronzon joined the Total Synthesis and Interfaces team at LSO as a PhD student on 1st October 2018. He will work on the development of synthetic methodologies for quinolone synthesis and their applications to medicinal chemistry. Welcome Quentin!

Dominik is now working in the team for a short stay on the synthesis of azobenzene tools for biology. He is a M1 student at Ecole Polytechnique.

Project 1: Inventing new reactions by photooxygenative tandem processes for natural product synthesis Project 2: Total synthesis of complex natural diketopiperazines using an original C-H oxidation strategy Send your CV to Bastien Nay