Bastien is visiting the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica/Chinese Academia of Science and around from 17th to 28th June 2019 in the frame of his CNRS/NSFC collaborative project with Dr. Xu-Wen Li


Baptiste Neil and Idris Tlemsani joined us on the 3rd June for a two-month internship, working on diversity-oriented synthetic methodologies applied to total synthesis and medicinal chemistry topics.

Bastien gave a lecture on Natural product total synthesis: Methods and opportunities at the biological interface Thanks to Mathias Christmann for the invitation!

Des chercheurs du CNRS, de l’École polytechnique et de Sorbonne Université viennent de mettre en évidence le caractère phytotoxique d’une molécule naturelle, la radulanine A.

Congratulation to Wei for this new article! It deals with methodological developments of the retro-Claisen rearrangement, its theoretical investigation, an application in total synthesis and the discovery of a new weedkilling natural product.

Cristina Cheibas (M2 MOCHI Ecole Polytechnique) and Thomas Charote (M2 Université de Poitiers) arrived in the lab on 4th February. They will work on synthetic projects for 6 months. Welcome in the lab!