Seeking Chinese applicants for a postdoc or a CSC-funded PhD at Ecole Polytechnique (closed)

CV China.png

Chinese applicants to a PhD fellowship funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council are welcome. The PhD project will concern the design of biomimetic and diversity-oriented strategies to synthesize natural products and medicinally relevant analogues in a bioactive compound series. Contact: Dr. Bastien Nay. We are also looking for talented Chinese postdoc candidates.

PhD (closed): The work (link to full project) will be performed in a stimulating environment at the Organic Synthesis Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique, under the guidance of Dr. Bastien Nay in the team Total Synthesis and Interfaces. Apply here before December 15th.

Postdoc (closed): directly contact Bastien Nay with CV, motivation and recommendation letters.

csc paritech.png


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