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At LSO barbecue on Monday 25th June 2018

Having a BBQ with LSO friends on the edge of the lake of Ecole Polytechnique 🙂   Advertisements

Dr. Laurent Evanno gave a lecture at LSO

We were glad to welcome Laurent on 21st February for a lecture entitled “A ring-distortion strategy from marine natural product ilimaquinone leads to quorum sensing modulators”. Laurent was the first PhD student Bastien supervised in the lab, from 2004 to 2007!

Eloi, welcome!

Eloi Astier started his PhD on 2nd October 2017. He’ll work on the total synthesis, biomimetic synthetic strategies and medicinal chemistry of natural quinolones.

Tin, welcome!

We welcome Tin V. T. Nguyen as an M1 student performing his experimental project in the lab.

Talking at LSO’s Thai-French workshop

Wei and Bastien talk tomorrow on natural product synthesis at the Thai-French workshop with other speakers:

Attending the Thai-French Organic Chemistry Symposium at LSO on 25th September

FrĂ©my and Darzens lectures – Thai-French Symposium with the excellent talks of Prof. Vichai Reutrakul Prof. Antoine Baceiredo Prof. Manat Pohmakotr Prof. JĂ©rĂ´me Lacour at Ecole Polytechnique, continuing tomorrow with a workshop.