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Biomimetic chemical diversity of resinic acids uncovered by photooxygenation in Organic Chemistry Frontiers

Read our last paper on the oxygenation of resinic diterpenes, from Benjamin’s PhD work: Harnessing the potential diversity of resinic diterpenes through visible light-induced sensitized oxygenation coupled to Kornblum-DeLaMare and Hock reactions B. Laroche and B. Nay Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2017, in press, DOI: 10.1039/C7QO00633K Abstract: A biomimetic procedure for the late-stage functionalization of various […]

Fungal sesquiterpenes with special reactivity in Organic Letters

Just released A reactive eremophilane and its antibacterial 2(1H)‑naphthalenone rearrangement product, witnesses of a microbial chemical warfare S. Amand, M. Vallet, L. Guedon, G. Genta-Jouve, F. Wien, S. Mann, J. Dupont, S. Prado* and B. Nay* Organic Letters 2017, in press, doi: 10.1021/acs.orglett.7b01788 Abstract: Two sesquiterpenes, 4-epi-microsphaeropsisin (1) and a dihydrofurano-2(1H)-naphthalenone (variabilone, 2) which represents […]

Four days at SOLEIL Synchrotron on DISCO beamline for photoswitchable peptide studies

The DISCO beamline at SOLEIL welcomes us for four days at Synchrotron SOLEIL from 6th to 9th July. This is a collaboration with Dr. Frank Wien (beamline team) and Dr. Séverine Zirah (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle), to study the structure of photoswitchable peptides. This is supported by SOLEIL.    

We are at #SFST7: 7ème Symposium Francophone de Synthèse Totale, 1-2 June

We will be at SFST7 at Orsay, 1-2 June 2017. Wei and Bastien attend. Wei will present her poster on her synthetic work: Biomimetic oxidative strategies and alternative route for the synthesis  natural products in the diketopiperazine series. Bastien co-organizes the symposium.

Ombeline hunting toxic mimetic butterflies in Peru

Ombeline Sculfort is currently hunting toxic butterflies in Peru near Tarapoto. She will spend four months there. The aim is to study and understand the evolution of toxicity in mimetic butterflies. This is a collaborative project with the French National Museum of Natural History.

Congrats to Dr Benjamin Laroche who got the YNSECT PhD Award of the SCF Ile-de-France Section.

Benjamin got the YNSECT PhD Award of the SCF Ile-de-France Section in recognition of his PhD work on natural product total synthesis. He will present his work on the occasion of the Journée des Jeunes Talents de la Chimie en Ile-de-France 2017 on 19th June 2017. Benjamin currently performs a postdoc in Shu Kobayashi’s group […]

Last day at Museum on 30th December 2016

… and a quizz: when did it happen?

Our first paper on toxic butterflies and mimicry, featuring Aimilia’s work!

Variation in cyanogenic compounds concentration within a Heliconius butterfly community: does mimicry explain everything? M. Arias,* A. Meichanetzoglou, M. Elias, N. Rosser, D. L. de-Silva, B. Nay, V. Llaurens BMC Evolutionary Biology2016, 16, 272, doi: 10.1186/s12862-016-0843-5

Mehdi’s last paper on the total synthesis of the tiniest cytochalasin

First Total Synthesis, Structure Revision and Natural History of the Smallest Cytochalasin: (+) Periconiasin G Mehdi Zaghouani, Caroline Kunz, Laura Guédon, Florent Blanchard, Bastien Nay* Chemistry – A European Journal 2016, 22, 15257–15260, doi: 10.1002/chem.201603734 The total synthesis of the smallest cytochalasin isolated so far, periconiasin G, which bears a seven-membered ring in lieu of […]

Amazing i-NPChem inaugural meeting

  Excellent short talks by 15 speakers were given on 6th and 7th June 2016 in the Grand amphitheater at the National Museum of Natural History, with a happy cocktail on Monday evening. Everybody enjoyed, great satisfaction with this in-house organization!