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Wei gave a talk at RCO on 4th May 2017

Wei Zhang gave a talk yesterday at the 15th Rencontres de Chimie Organique at Thiais. Her presentation was titled: Biomimetic oxidative strategies and alternative route for the synthesis  natural products in the diketopiperazine series. Djamila and Martin also attended, with other colleagues of LSO . Advertisements

Ombeline hunting toxic mimetic butterflies in Peru

Ombeline Sculfort is currently hunting toxic butterflies in Peru near Tarapoto. She will spend four months there. The aim is to study and understand the evolution of toxicity in mimetic butterflies. This is a collaborative project with the French National Museum of Natural History.

Meet us at JCO 2016 from 7th to 9th September 2016

With an oral communication of Benjamin Laroche on Thursday: Total synthesis of a key biomimetic precursor towards polycyclic chalasans (OC40). And the posters of Mehdi Zaghouani (Total synthesis of new cytochalasans in the periconiasin series, P058), Wei Zhang (Biomimetic oxidative strategies for the synthesis of medicinally relevant natural products in the diketopiperazine series, P298) and […]

Fourth stop of Bastien’s 2016 chemical world tour: Copenhague

Leaving on Sunday 24th… The 9th Joint Natural Products Conference 2016 will be held in Copenhagen. Bastien will present an invited conference on Natural history, bio-inspiration and natural product synthesis: chemistries in a museum. Hope to meet you there!

Lecture at Ecole Polytechnique on 14/6/2016

Bastien gave a lecture at the “Laboratoire de Synthèse organique” Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, on Tuesday 14th June 2016, 15:00, Lavoisier room: Nature-inspired total synthesis of natural products: from skeleton construction to late-stage functionnalisation