Facilities at LSO

As part of LSO, our group benefits from the following equipments:

  • A park of nearly 30 fumehoods
  • Brüker Avance 400 MHz NMR spectrometer
  • Shimadzu Nexera MS 2020 (LC-DAD-MS/ESI+APCI)
  • Agilent Technologies 6120 (LC-MS/ESI)
  • JEOL GC-mate II (HRMS/EI)
  • PerkinElmer Spectrum Two IR (equiped with a Jasco ATR)
  • Anton Paar MCP100 Polarimeter
  • Anton Paar Microwave reactor
  • Two CEM Discover microwave reactors
  • MBraun solvent purification apparatus
  • Büchi kugelrohr
  • Biotage – Flash purification system
  • Interchim Carrousel 12 multireactor
  • Many rotavapors equiped with chillers
  • Kern precision balances
  • A chemical storage of more than 8000 reagents
  • And a priviledged access to other equipments at Ecole Polytechnique (X-ray crystallography, FT-ICR spectrometer, calculation servers…)
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