Wei Zhang gave a talk yesterday at the 15th Rencontres de Chimie Organique at Thiais. Her presentation was titled: Biomimetic oxidative strategies and alternative route for the synthesis  natural products in the diketopiperazine series. Djamila and Martin also attended, with other colleagues of LSO .

Ombeline Sculfort is currently hunting toxic butterflies in Peru near Tarapoto. She will spend four months there. The aim is to study and understand the evolution of toxicity in mimetic butterflies. This is a collaborative project with the French National Museum of Natural History.

Benjamin got the YNSECT PhD Award of the SCF Ile-de-France Section in recognition of his PhD work on natural product total synthesis. He will present his work on the occasion of the Journée des Jeunes Talents de la Chimie en Ile-de-France 2017 on 19th June 2017. Benjamin currently performs a postdoc in Shu Kobayashi’s group […]

These joint events will take place at Gif-sur-Yvette on 28th-30th June. Bastien participates to the organizing committees. Registration is needed for both:

Bastien participates in the organizing committee of the 7th Francophone Symposium on Total Synthesis which will take place at Orsay on 1st and 2nd June. Free registration is needed.

Martin Louis-Sylvestre, M1 student at Orsay, joined our group on 3rd April 2017 to work on a medicinal chemistry topic. He will stay at lab for three months. Welcome Martin!

Amazing lecture by Prof. John Wood from Baylor University on 6th April at LSO, talking about his phomoidride adventures.

Djamila Assellos joined us on 1st February to work on the total synthesis of a cytochalasin natural product during a 6-month M2 research internship. First player of the group at X. Welcome Djamila!

Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Distaminolyne A and Revision of its Absolute Configuration D.-Y. Sun, G.-Y. Han, J.-X. Gong, B. Nay, X.-W. Li,* Y.-W. Guo* Organic Letters 2017, in press, doi: 10.1021/acs.orglett.6b03892 Abstract: The first total synthesis of a marine derived polyacetylene, distaminolyne A, and its enantiomer were achieved from the commercially available undec-10-en-1-ol. A key […]

Our research group moves in the Organic Synthesis Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique today. On this occasion, our website has got a new design!