We co-organize the Symposium Applied Natural Products at Ecole Polytechnique on 11-13th June 2018. This will gather industrial and academic actors of the natural product field. More information and registration at:

We were glad to welcome Laurent on 21st February for a lecture entitled “A ring-distortion strategy from marine natural product ilimaquinone leads to quorum sensing modulators”. Laurent was the first PhD student Bastien supervised in the lab, from 2004 to 2007!

On 26th January 2018, Bastien gives a talk at Institut de Chimie des Milieux et des Matériaux de Poitiers At the crossroads of organic synthesis and natural history…

On 16th January, Bastien gave a lecture at Oncodesign research center, Les Ulis, on the total synthesis, natural history and medicinal chemistry of microbial compounds. Many thanks to Nicolas George and Alexis Denis for their welcome and interesting discussions.

We are looking for students (level M1 or M2) passionnated in organic synthesis who would like to perform an internship on total synthesis and chemical biology or biomimetic synthesis in a stimulating multidisciplinary environment. Apply with Bastien Nay. Irrelevant applications will not be considered.

Read this STOS chaper on our Bioinspired Adventures in the Total Synthesis of Mixed Polyketide–Nonribosomal Peptide Natural Products B. Nay,* M. Zaghouani, B. Laroche, S. Prévost, X.-W. Li, A. Ear, N. Riache in Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis, Vol. 13 (2017), M. Harmata (Ed.),

Eloi Astier started his PhD on 2nd October 2017. He’ll work on the total synthesis, biomimetic synthetic strategies and medicinal chemistry of natural quinolones.

We welcome Tin V. T. Nguyen as an M1 student performing his experimental project in the lab.