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64. An integrative approach to decipher the chemical antagonism between the competing endophytes Paraconiothyrium variabile and Bacillus subtilis
M. Vallet, Q. P. Vanbellingen, T. Fu, J.-P. Le Caer, S. Della-Negra, D. Touboul, K. R. Duncan, B. Nay, A. Brunelle,* S. Prado*
Journal of Natural Products 2017, 80 (11), 2863–2873, doi: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.6b01185


63. Bioinspired Adventures in the Total Synthesis of Mixed Polyketide–Nonribosomal Peptide Natural Products

B. Nay,* M. Zaghouani, B. Laroche, S. Prévost, X.-W. Li, A. Ear, N. Riache
in Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis, Vol. 13 (2017), M. Harmata (Ed.), Academic Press-Elsevier, pp. 55-80, DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-811790-3.00003-1.


62. Harnessing the potential diversity of resinic diterpenes through visible light-induced sensitized oxygenation coupled to Kornblum-DeLaMare and Hock reactions
B. Laroche and B. Nay*
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2017, 4, 2412-2416, DOI: 10.1039/C7QO00633K
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61. A reactive eremophilane and its antibacterial 2(1H)‑naphthalenone rearrangement product, witnesses of a microbial chemical warfare
S. Amand, M. Vallet, L. Guedon, G. Genta-Jouve, F. Wien, S. Mann, J. Dupont, S. Prado* and B. Nay*
Organic Letters 2017, 19(15), 4038–4041, doi: 10.1021/acs.orglett.7b01788 PDF


60. Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Distaminolyne A and Revision of its Absolute Configuration
D.-Y. Sun, G.-Y. Han, J.-X. Gong, B. Nay, X.-W. Li,* Y.-W. Guo*
Organic Letters 2017, 19(3), 714–717, doi: 10.1021/acs.orglett.6b03892


59. Inhibition of Phytophthora species, agents of cocoa black pod disease, by secondary metabolites of Trichoderma species

G.-A. Pakora, J. Mpika, D. Kone, M. Ducamp, I. Kebe, B. Nay, D. Buisson*
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2017, in press, doi: 10.1007/s11356-017-0283-9.

58. Variation in cyanogenic compounds concentration within a Heliconius butterfly community: does mimicry explain everything?
M. Arias,* A. Meichanetzoglou, M. Elias, N. Rosser, D. L. de-Silva, B. Nay, V. Llaurens
BMC Evolutionary Biology 2016, 16, 272, doi: 10.1186/s12862-016-0843-5

butterfly toxicity.gif

57. Antimicrobial Oligophenalenone Dimers from the Soil Fungus Talaromyces stipitatus
and Journal of Natural Products 2016, 79(12), 2991–2996, doi: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.6b00458


56. Book chapter: From Biosyntheses to Total Syntheses: an Introduction
B. Nay, X.-W. Li
in From Biosynthesis to Synthesis: Tactics and Strategies for Natural Products. A. Zografos (Ed.). Wiley: New York (2016); pp. 1-18.
ISBN: 978-1-118-75173-2


55. First Total Synthesis, Structure Revision and Natural History of the Smallest Cytochalasin: (+) Periconiasin G
M. Zaghouani, C. Kunz, L. Guédon, F. Blanchard, B. Nay*
Chemistry – A European Journal 2016, 22, 15257–15260, doi: 10.1002/chem.201603734

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54. Palcernuine, the first [5/6/6/6]-cernuane-type alkaloid from Palhinhaea cernua f. sikkimensis
Y. Tang, J. Xiong, Y. Zou, B. Nay, L.-J. Wang, J.-F. Hu*
Chinese Chemical Letters 2016, 27, 969-973, DOI: 10.1016/j.cclet.2016.02.014


53. 3-Acylated tetramic and tetronic acids as natural metal binders: myth or reality?
M. Zaghouani and B. Nay*
Natural Product Reports 2016, 33, 540-548, DOI: 10.1039/c5np00144g.


52. Talaroketals A and B, unusual bis(oxaphenalenone) spiro and fused ketals from the soil Fungus talaromyces stipitatus ATCC 10500

Y. Zang, G. Genta-Jouve, P. Retailleau, S. Mann, B. Nay* and S. Prado*
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2016, 14, 2691-2697.


51. Unexpected talaroenamine derivatives and a new polyester from the fungus Talaromyces stipitatus ATCC10500

Y. Zang, G. Genta-Jouve, T.A. Sun, X.-W. Li, D. Buisson, S. Mann, E. Mouray, A. K. Larsen, A. Escargueil, B. Nay,* S. Prado*
Phytochemistry 2015, 119, 70-75


50. Ring-closing enyne metathesis of terminal alkynes with propargylic hindrance

B. Laroche, M. Detraz, A. Blond, L. Dubost, P. Mailliet, B. Nay*
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015, 80(10), 5359–5363.


49. Direct biosynthetic cyclization of a distorted paracyclophane highlighted by double isotopic labelling of L-tyrosine
A. Ear, S. Amand, F. Blanchard, A. Blond, L. Dubost, D. Buisson,* B. Nay*
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2015, 13, 3662-3666.


48. The fungal leaf endophyte Paraconiothyrium variabile specifically metabolizes the host-plant metabolome for its own benefit

Y. Tian, S. Amand, D. Buisson, C. Kunz, F. Hachette, J. Dupont, B. Nay, S. Prado*
Phytochemistry 2014, 108, 95–101.


47. Chemically unprecedented biocatalytic (AuaG) retro-[2,3]-Wittig rearrangement: a new insight into aurachin B biosynthesis

Y. Katsuyama, X.-W. Li, R. Müller, B. Nay*
ChemBioChem 2014, 15, 2349–2352.


46. Transition metal-promoted biomimetic steps in total synthesis
X.-W. Li, B. Nay*
Natural Product Reports 2014 (special issue: Synthesis III), 31(4), 533-549.


45. Bio-inspired formal synthesis of hirsutellones A-C featuring an electrophilic cyclization triggered by remote Lewis acid-activation
X.-W. Li, A. Ear, L. Roger, N. Riache, A. Deville, B. Nay*
Chemistry – A European Journal 2013, 19, 16389-16393.


44. Synthesis and biological activities of the respiratory chain inhibitor aurachin D and new ring versus chain analogues
X.-W. Li, J. Herrmann, Y. Zang, P. Grellier, S. Prado, R. Müller,* B. Nay*
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2013 (special issue: Synthesis and Biosynthesis), 9, 1551-1558 (invited article).


43. Hirsutellones and beyond: figuring out the biological and synthetic logics toward chemical complexity in fungal PKS-NRPS compounds
X.-W. Li, A. Ear, B. Nay*
Natural Product Reports 2013, 30(6), 765-782. Cover of issue 20(6).


42. One-step enantioselective synthesis of (4S)-isosclerone through biotranformation of juglone by an endophytic fungus
S. Prado,* D. Buisson, I. Ndoye, M. Vallet, B. Nay
Tetrahedron Letters 2013, 1189-1191


Highlighted in Hot of the press, Nat. Prod. Rep. 2013, 760-764.

41. Geographic locality greatly influences fungal endophyte communities in Cephalotaxus harringtonia
A. Langenfeld, S. Prado, B. Nay, E. Porcher, C. Cruaud, S. Lacoste, E. Bury, F. Hachette, T. Hosoya, J. Dupont*
Fungal Biology 2013, 117(2), 124-136.


40. Reactivity of cyclohexene epoxides toward intramolecular acid-catalyzed cyclizations for the synthesis of naturally occurring cage architectures
H. Abdelkafi, L. Evanno, A. Deville, L. Dubost, B. Nay*
Comptes Rendus Chimie Acad. Sc. 2013 (special issue GECO 2012), 16, 304-310.


39. Chemical communication between the endophytic fungus Paraconiothyrium variabile and the phytopathogen Fusarium oxysporum
A. Combès, I. Ndoye, C. Bance, J. Bruzaud, C. Djedjat, J. Dupont, B. Nay, S. Prado*
PlosOne 2012, e47313 [doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0047313]


Press release of CNRS and MNHN, 16/10/2012.

38. Natural products from Cephalotaxus sp.: chemical diversity and synthetic aspects
H. Abdelkafi, B. Nay*
Natural Product Reports 2012, 29(8), 845-869 (invited article). Cover of issue 29(8).


37. A new guaiane sesquiterpene isolated from the fungus Biscogniauxia nummularia with potent antigerminative activity
S. Amand, A. Langenfeld, J. Dupont, B. Nay, S. Prado*
Journal of Natural Product 2012, 798–801.


36. Tabernaelegantinals, unprecedented cytotoxic bisindole alkaloids from Muntafara sessilifolia
M. Girardot, A. Gadea, C. Deregnaucourt, A. Deville, L. Dubost, B. Nay, A. Maciuk, P. Rasoanaivo, L. Mambu*
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012, 2816-2823.


35. Asymmetric synthesis of the oxygenated polycyclic system of (+)-harringtonolide
H. Abdelkafi, P. Herson, B. Nay*
Organic Letters 2012, 1270–1273.


Top-ten of uploaded articles in January-March 2012.

34. Book chapter: Le métabolisme: une source d’inspiration
B. Nay, E. Poupon, O. Thomas
in Ecologie chimique, le langage de la nature. M. Hossaert-Mckey et A.-G. Bagnères-Urbany (Eds.). Co-édition du Cherche-midi et du CNRS: Paris (2012); pp. 140-151.

33. Book chapter: Diversity and ecological significance of fungal endophyte natural products
S. Prado, Y. Li, B. Nay
in Studies in Natural Product Chemistry, Volume 36, Chapter 8, Atta-Uhr-Raman (Ed.). Elsevier Science: Amsterdam (2012), pp. 249-296.

32. Book chapter: Biomimetic Organic Synthesis: an introduction
B. Nay, E. Poupon
in Biomimetic Organic Synthesis. E. Poupon et B. Nay (Eds). Wiley-VCH: Weinheim (2011), pp. XXIII-XXXV.

31. Book chapter: Biomimetic rearrangements of complex terpenoids
B. Nay, L. Evanno
in Biomimetic Organic Synthesis. E. Poupon et B. Nay (Eds). Wiley-VCH: Weinheim (2011), pp. 397-432.

30. Book chapter: Biomimetic synthesis of non aromatic polycyclic polyketides
B. Nay, N. Riache
in Biomimetic Organic Synthesis. E. Poupon et B. Nay (Eds). Wiley-VCH: Weinheim (2011), pp. 503-536.

29. Book: Biomimetic Organic Synthesis
E. Poupon et B. Nay (Eds)
Wiley-VCH: Weinheim (2011), ISBN: 978-3-527-32580-1
WILEY-VCH WEINHEIM, GERMANYComment by M. Kalesse in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 583.

28. Synthetic studies toward a biomimetic linear precursor of hirsutellones
N. Riache, I. Ndoye, X.-W. Li, B. Nay*
Synlett 2011, 2685-2688.


27. Synthetic studies towards the cytotoxic norditerpene (+)-harringtonolide: setting up key-stereogenic centers of the cyclohexane ring D
H. Abdelkafi, L. Evanno, P. Herson, B. Nay*
Tetrahedron Letters 2011, 52(27), 3447-3450.


26. Synthesis of Naturally Occurring Cyclohexene Rings using Stereodirected Intramolecular Diels–Alder Reactions through asymmetric 1,3-dioxane tethering
H. Abdelkafi, L. Evanno, A. Deville, L. Dubost, A. Chiaroni, B. Nay*
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2011, 2789-2800. Cover of issue 15/2011.


25. Insecticidal cyclopeptides from Beauveria felina
A. Langenfeld, A. Blond, S. Gueye, P. Herson, B. Nay, J. Dupont, S. Prado*
Journal of Natural Product 2011, 74, 825-830.


24. Total synthesis of tyrosine-derived tetramic acid pigments from a slime mould
N. Riache, C. Bailly, A. Deville, L. Dubost, B. Nay*
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2010, 5402-5408.


23. Chemistry and biology of non tetramic γ-hydroxy-γ-lactams and γ-alkylidene-γ-lactams from natural sources
B. Nay,* N. Riache, L. Evanno
Natural Product Reports 2009, 26, 1044-1062.


22. Synthetic studies on the cornexistins: synthesis of (±)-5-epi-hydroxycornexistin
J.S. Clark,* J.M. Northall, F. Marlin, B. Nay, C. Wilson, A.J. Blake, M.J. Waring
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2008, 6, 4012-4025.


21. The use of D-mannitol-derived C2-symmetric trienes in tandem metathesis reactions toward valuable lactones
N. Riache, A. Blond, B. Nay*
Tetrahedron 2008, 64, 10853-10859.


20. Further studies of the norditerpene (+)-harringtonolide isolated from Cephalotaxus drupacea: absolute configuration, cytotoxic and antifungal activities
L. Evanno, A. Jossang, J. Nguyen-Pouplin, D. Delaroche, M. Seuleiman, B. Bodo, B. Nay*
Planta Medica 2008, 74, 870-872.

19. An enyne metathesis/Diels-Alder reaction sequence towards the synthesis of cup-shaped 5/5/6 tricyclic architectures
L. Evanno, A. Deville, B. Bodo, B. Nay*
Tetrahedron Letters 2007, 48, 4331-4333.


18. Utility of a chiral 1,3-dioxane template in stereoselective intramolecular Diels-Alder reactions
L. Evanno, A. Deville, L. Dubost, A. Chiaroni, B. Bodo, B. Nay*
Tetrahedron Letters 2007, 48, 2893-2896.


17. A domino ring-closing metathesis as a key-step in the synthesis of chiral lactones from D-mannitol
B. Nay*, Nicolas Gaboriaud-Kolar, Bernard Bodo
Tetrahedron Letters 2005, 46(22), 3867-3870.

TL2005Highlighted in Organic Synthesis: State of the Art 2003-2005, D. F. Taber (2006), p. 186.

16. Unexpected dehydrogenation products in the furan series arising from ruthenium catalysed 4-oxo-1,6-enyne metathesis
L. Evanno, B. Nay*, B. Bodo
Synthetic Communications 2005, 35(11), 1559-1565.

15. New analogues of the antitumor alkaloid girolline: the 4-deazathiogirolline series
B. Nay, B. Schiavi, A. Ahond, C. Poupat*, P. Potier
Synthesis 2005, 97-101.


14. Wine and health: recent findings
B. Berke, D. Vauzour, C. Castagnino, V. Arnaudinaud, B. Nay, C. Cheze, J. Vercauteren*
Journal de Pharmacie de Belgique 2003, 58(3), 57-74.

13. Synthesis of the carbocyclic core of the cornexistins by ring-closing metathesis
J.S. Clark*, F. Marlin, B. Nay, C. Wilson
Organic Letters 2003, 5, 89-92.


12. Total synthesis of asymmetric flavonoids: the developments and applications of 13C-labelling
B. Nay, V. Arnaudinaud, J. Vercauteren*
Comptes Rendus Chimie 2002, 5, 577.

11. Methods in synthesis of flavonoids. Part 3. Molybdenum(IV)-catalysed coupling of cinnamyl alcohols to phenol derivatives
B. Nay, M. Collet, M. Lebon, J. Vercauteren*
Tetrahedron Letters 2002, 43, 2675-2678.

10. Total synthesis of isotopically labelled flavonoids, 5- Gram scale production and applications of 13C-labelled (–)-procyanidin B3
V. Arnaudinaud, B. Nay, S. Vergé, A. Nuhrich, G. Deffieux, J.M. Mérillon, J.P. Monti, J. Vercauteren*
Tetrahedron Letters 2001, 42, 5669-5671.

9. Total synthesis of isotopically labelled flavonoids, 4- Gram scale production and applications of optically pure 13C-labelled (+)-catechin and (–)-epicatechin
B. Nay, V. Arnaudinaud, J. Vercauteren*
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2001, 2379-2384.

8. Total synthesis of isotopically labelled flavonoids, 3- 13C-labelled (–)-procyanidin B3 from 1-[13C]acetic acid
V. Arnaudinaud, B. Nay, A. Nuhrich, G. Deffieux, J.M. Mérillon, J.P. Monti, J. Vercauteren*
Tetrahedron Letters 2001, 42, 1279-1281.

7. Methods in synthesis of flavonoids. Part 2. High Yield access to both enantiomers of catechin
B. Nay, J.P. Monti, A. Nuhrich, G. Deffieux, J.M. Mérillon, J. Vercauteren*
Tetrahedron Letters 2000, 41(47), 9049-9051

6. Polyphenols and the oxygen paradox in the brewing process
F. Lacan, S. Soulet, V. Arnaudinaud, B. Nay, S. Verge, C. Castagnino, J.C. Delaunay, C. Chèze, J. Vercauteren*
Cerevisia (Belgian Journal of Brewing and Biotechnology) 2000, 25(4), 35-50

5. Total synthesis of isotopically labelled flavonoids, 2- 13C-labelled (±)-catechin from potassium [13C]cyanide
B. Nay, V. Arnaudinaud, J.F. Peyrat, A. Nuhrich, G. Deffieux, J.M. Mérillon, J. Vercauteren*
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2000, 1279-1283

4. Polyphénols du vin : la chimie de la vie
V. Arnaudinaud, T. Mas, B. Nay, S. Vergé, S. Soulet, C. Castagnino, J.C. Delaunay, C. Chèze, J. Vercauteren*
Lettre des Sciences Chimiques du CNRS/L’Actualité Chimique 1999, novembre, 29-33

3. Les polyphénols du vin: de la chimie pour la vie
S. Vergé, S. Soulet, F. Lacan, T. Mas, V. Arnaudinaud, B. Nay, C. Castagnino, J.-C. Delaunay, C. Chèze, J.-P. Monti, G. Deffieux, J.-M. Mérillon, A. Nuhrich, J. Vercauteren*
Bulletin de la Société de Pharmacie de Bordeaux 1999, 138, 75-90

2. Phenols as C- and O-nucleophiles in palladium-catalysed allylic substitution
B. Nay, J.F. Peyrat, J. Vercauteren*
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 1999, 2231-2234

1. Mechanism of an insect glutathione S-transferase: kinetic analysis supporting a rapid equilibrium random sequential mechanism with housefly I1 isoform
B. Nay, D. Fournier, A. Baudras, B Baudras*
Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 1999, 29 (1), 71-79

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