M2 internship in organic synthesis (closed) and M2/PhD position in chemical biology (still open)

We offer internship positions for January 2023 for M2 students on the following projects (one will be funded for a PhD):

  • Synthesis of photoactivatable tools for the optical control of biological events (M2/PhD)

Photoactivatable tools allow the spatio-temporal control of biological mechanisms. Based on compounds known to interfer with particular proteins, we will design photocontrollable chemical tools incorporating a photoswitchable group. This group, depending on the light wavelength, undergoes a geometrical isomerization that turns ON or OFF the biological property of the compound. This project is daily performed in collaboration with biologists.

Send your CV, motivation letter, transcripts and recommendation letters to Bastien Nay

  • Development of new reactions based on the Hock rearrangement (M2) [CLOSED]


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